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Ngadju knowledge helping to protect WA's woodlands - ABC RADIO interview

A program aimed at conserving the traditional land management practices of the Ngadju people is underway near Norseman.

Protection of mallee fowl focus of new project in the Great Western Woodlands

Members of Norseman’s Ngadju community are about to participate in a project that will protect and conserve the vulnerable malleefowl and care for key sites in the Great Western Woodlands of WA.

Have You Ever Seen An Emu Drink?

When the humans leave, this gnamma hole near Norseman comes alive.

Families of emus come and go, carefully crouching and craning their necks to take a sip.

The local Ngadju rangers have been setting up remote cameras to monitor wildlife in the Great Western Woodlands – other local posers include: a sparrowhawk who doesn't mind a dip and a roo or two.

Images supplied by the Ngadju rangers.

Word Up: Les Schultz

The southern Goldfields region of Western Australian is Ngadju country.

Leslie Schultz pioneered the Indigenous ranger program in Ngadju country to help keep his country, culture and language strong.

For Word Up he shares some Ngadju language, including the traditional name of Lake Cowan.